Kylie Q&A - Valentine's Rapid Fire Questions

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  • UA-vision: pewdiepie or TSeries Me:KYLIE JENNER

    Hiba ArshadHiba Arshad2 години тому
  • There’s like no reality in this world

    DD BearsDD Bears2 дні тому
  • this was lame

    Hayley StrasselHayley Strassel3 дні тому
  • Kylie you said your favorite color was black when you were with travis. And now you say its pink

    Tekashi RosasTekashi Rosas5 днів тому
  • Kylie your my twin 🤪

    Jasmine CastellanosJasmine Castellanos5 днів тому
  • why she gotta pose after every answer ?

    Sarah AlqutubSarah Alqutub5 днів тому
  • I love you

    GiuliaGiulia7 днів тому
  • I am here after benito skinner

    Payal MandalPayal Mandal8 днів тому

    linzivip rulinzivip ru8 днів тому
  • Kylie 💗

    Noor Al IssaNoor Al Issa8 днів тому
  • Since you blocked comments on all of the new Skïn Line videos, I'll just say this here. Why did they edit your eyes to look so big in those videos? Looks fugly and creepy, and like you just hit a huge joint. Anyways, bye!

    KK9 днів тому
  • I honestly don't know how people can dislike this young beautiful cali girl like she is every girl,most girls body goals, girls glow up goals like I grow up watching the kardashians from when she was so little and seeing her now big change yes she has changed a bit all she did was her butt and her lips and a few other things u shouldn't judge someone by the way they look u can look dirty with a good or bad attitude and look boujee with a hella fine personality at the end of the da y if you guys were to see her u would be screaming and wanting pics and autos I honestly don't know how she gets through life with all these demons attacking her I love you for you kylie and may God continue to bless u, stomi, Travis and the rest of your family♡♡♥♡♡ God bless

    Sinead LewisSinead Lewis10 днів тому
  • But your name not Stacey lol why are all the Kardashians,Jenner's so pretty

    patrick jensenpatrick jensen10 днів тому
  • That dress is everything!!

    Lea ViktoriaLea Viktoria10 днів тому
  • Kylie is so incredibly beautiful

    4 ever4 ever11 днів тому
  • If everyone says it’s about the inside beauty that counts then why does she have to get attacked for changing up her look to feel more comfortable. Just think about that

    Eleanor S.Eleanor S.11 днів тому
  • "Leather" (iconic)

    I'm GratefulI'm Grateful12 днів тому
  • You are so cute in red!

    Sweetpea 3399Sweetpea 339913 днів тому
  • Like si hablas español :)

    gabri elagabri ela13 днів тому
  • I got the same answer as her every thing she said wow I’m so surprise!

    Muang NuMuang Nu13 днів тому
  • Is kris on set ? Kylie keeps looking to the side as if she’s being guided!! I’m deadddd 😂

    Bonny MelendezBonny Melendez14 днів тому
  • So boring girl she is

    Harman KaurHarman Kaur14 днів тому
  • I love pink as well omgg❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    rosaura Cardonarosaura Cardona14 днів тому
  • Loving this look

    La Diva AlexandraLa Diva Alexandra14 днів тому
  • Honestly I get mad about these comments, if she feels happy, let her be. I work at a hospital and we have people coming in for day cases plastic surgery every day.... sooo it’s totally normal. Whats the big deal. She is beautiful even though she got a little help. Also a genius mind and a genius business. Shut up with the negativity and start the love ❤️

    Maartje de LaetMaartje de Laet14 днів тому
  • Ehhh I mean Jewelry.... She said that on a so bitchy way....

    MagdalenaMagdalena15 днів тому
  • is that a ring pop😭😭

    asyia byrdasyia byrd15 днів тому
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Enhdlgr EEnhdlgr E15 днів тому
  • Basic AF

    Suman MSuman M15 днів тому
    • Suman M and u aren’t?

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Here’s a question, why’d you disable the comments and like ratio for your skin care line videos

    Alice PereauAlice Pereau15 днів тому
  • She has zero personality

    Scarlet MoonlightScarlet Moonlight15 днів тому
    • Scarlet Moonlight And by u saying that ur obviously really insecure about your personality so I’m saying that ur a basic bitch with zero personality aswell

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • I thought she said black was her favorite color not pink but to each their own

    Shanna DanielsShanna Daniels15 днів тому
  • I am needing to try your lip kits. hoping to one day soon.

    SHAY'S WAYSHAY'S WAY15 днів тому
  • Use me as a dislike button

    Pixie DustPixie Dust15 днів тому
    • Pixie Dust Yea no-one disliked it

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • i can't not imagine kris jenner behind the camera after watching benito skinner

    seerpouseerpou20 днів тому
  • benito skinner nailed it

    seerpouseerpou20 днів тому

    Black OutBlack Out21 день тому
  • Her wig is ratchet as fuck

    sweetenersweetener22 дні тому
    • Isabella Pereira you probably should of said 'like your personality' or something, otherwise you're just saying 'your ratchet personality is ratchet' and that's just fucking dumb, get gone you pigeon.

      sweetenersweetener13 днів тому
    • Sweetnr and so is ur ratchet personality

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Omg! Your so pretty!!!! And your skin is flawless! 💖💖

    Maddie MichelleMaddie Michelle22 дні тому
    • Maddie Michelle Ik right she’s so gorgeous

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Gold digger

    albert sylaalbert syla22 дні тому
    • albert syla Attention seeker

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Any one who hates Kylie cosmetics?

    style with quirkinessstyle with quirkiness24 дні тому
    • style with quirkiness Anyone who hates people who hate Kylie? 🙋🏽‍♀️

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • She literally has no personality

    crystäl cleärcrystäl cleär25 днів тому
    • crystäl cleär And u have no authority to judge whether she does or not!

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Ooo red hair

    Highstream 12Highstream 1225 днів тому
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘

    Rodri RodriguezRodri Rodriguez26 днів тому
  • You are ugly

    Melani SmithMelani Smith26 днів тому
    • Isabella Pereira pathetic? 😂 Pathetic as your desire to offend me

      Melani SmithMelani Smith12 днів тому
    • Melani Smith Hollow? Ur just pathetic

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
    • Isabella Pereira anhother hollow fan of kylie 🙄

      Melani SmithMelani Smith13 днів тому
    • Melani Smith and so is ur personality

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Oh my good kylie i love youuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

    Albanerin013 Albanerin013Albanerin013 Albanerin01327 днів тому
  • Guys. Chill. If y'all came here just to hate on her, why u here in the first place. She clearly only posts videos for PEOPLE WHO ARE HAPPY TO WATCH THEM. She never said, "Everybody is free to roast me in the comments" Don't come for me. Just mah opinion

    Rea RubleRea Ruble27 днів тому
    • Rea Ruble Omg finally someone in the comments who doesn’t hate her! I get so annoyed when people hate on her! Like everyone is like she’s so fake she’s got lip fillers and she’s got fake eyelashes and I’m just like what about every other girl who has got that like? honestly some people are just so pathetic

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Why are you sold out Kylieee

    Glorilys RosadoGlorilys Rosado27 днів тому
    • Glorilys Rosado Because people (unlike you) are actually interested in what she has to offer and that’s not your business, so shut your raggedy ratchet mouth and mind your business honestly it’s not your choice what she does for people

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Boooooring

    Anirudh RajeshAnirudh Rajesh27 днів тому
    • Anirudh Rajesh Moooorooooon

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • 128k likes and 18k dislikes If you guys want to know how I saw this, then download her video and turn off your data or WiFi.Her like and dislike count will be visible. I am shocked that even though she have a good amount of likes on her video, still she put that shit off. Pathetic 🙄

    Aalemeen HasamAalemeen Hasam27 днів тому
  • why do all her kylie skin vids thumbnails look pixelated & derpy? 😂 also, why disable comments? that defeats the purpose of youtube

    Naomi GonzalezNaomi Gonzalez28 днів тому
  • Disabling comments in the skin videos is not gonna help at all...

    pspsps pspsppspsps pspsp28 днів тому
    • pspsps pspsp what I don’t understand is why so many people have to attack her for it, there’s a reason she disabled the comments. Just saying

      Eleanor S.Eleanor S.11 днів тому
  • y'all anyone see the comments disabled in the skincare videos like what!?

    • THEREALLIZCALDERON BwAHAHA I came here to see some comments like yours

      jclynn Lynnjclynn Lynn27 днів тому
  • Queen🌟

    Las mamasitas CalientesLas mamasitas Calientes28 днів тому
  • Que Mier da van a usar tus cremas vos y tu familia por favor!

    Eliana ValdiviezoEliana Valdiviezo29 днів тому
  • Who else just came to comment to a video about her new skincare line.. ⬇

    Arrow GamingArrow Gaming29 днів тому
  • is it just me or she looks like michael jackson .. the surgery made her face look weird

    b00zyb00zy29 днів тому
  • I get it why your so full of yourself, your filthy rich, beautiful, young and famous but just remember your gonna die just like everyone else

    Dina AlineeseDina AlineeseМісяць тому
    • Lol true

      Dina AlineeseDina Alineese13 днів тому
    • Dina Alineese I’m pretty sure she knows that she’s gonna die.

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Milk chocolate❤️❤️🙂

    Liliana R.Liliana R.Місяць тому
  • LOL she disabled all comments on her new videos and also hid the dislike/like ration YOURE CANCELED BITCH LMAOOOOOO SO STUPID

    ChaseChaseМісяць тому
    • Chase Like to see you be the youngest billionaire with that much hate! You’re just like every other pathetic person out there who hates on Kylie it’s not your opinion honestly no one cares about ur opinion

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Why your face is so diferent in real then in the instagram pictures? *Photoshop* maybe? ;-;

    Pisciana StudiesPisciana StudiesМісяць тому
    • Pisciana Studies You tell me one girl out there who doesn’t use photoshop on Instagram you’re so dumb, such an idiot you are! what kind of girl doesn’t use photo shop honestly like shes just like every other girl out there and you just chose the youngest self made billionaire

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Why would i listen to someone whos fake?

    Shiva.RShiva.RМісяць тому
    • Shiva.R That’s the thing you don’t have to you don’t have to go onto Kylie Jenner‘s UA-vision channel and put hate on her that’s your choice it’s your opinion that no one cares about so go away, go home no one cares about ur opinion

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • She seems so fake lol

    Fire eFire eМісяць тому
    • Fire e 🖕🏽

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Hi I need help please

    Rim MakhloufiRim MakhloufiМісяць тому
    • Rim Makhloufi Yea I’m sure you do

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • I mean Teddy Bears...... Obviously right?

    Muskaan SaxenaMuskaan SaxenaМісяць тому
  • Can u make body wash

    Lorena MunozLorena MunozМісяць тому
  • Rawr

    L TL TМісяць тому
  • Never seen anything positive about her just what the hell

    Gang ShitzGang ShitzМісяць тому
  • hey can ya'll just stop hating in the comments for like 5 seconds I mean yeah she was born rich and yeah she basically became famous off a tv show but it doesn't mran she has no feelings or no life besides herself chill out

    Billy TeaBilly TeaМісяць тому
  • She looks like Khloe there

    kookie jkookie jМісяць тому
  • Billionaire cant handle mean comments from the poor lol pathetic

    Joanna GarciaJoanna GarciaМісяць тому
  • God damn your face is all fucked up, your bat shit crazy family will end up destroying you.

    bon jourbon jourМісяць тому
  • Can't handle all the fucking comments on your shity ass facial scrub fucking Walnut scrub for your feet...... spend fucking Millions on fucking getting your skin I wouldn't expect somebody to buy $100 skin care line and be Flawless get the fuck out of here and if you can't take the criticism well then get out the fucking game bitch

    gdog1195gdog1195Місяць тому
    • @Isabella Pereira you really going to believe she uses $300 worth of skin care products bullshit you can look up the information yourself she probably spends upwards of $500,000 on custom-made stuff for her skin and you're going to tell me her $300 skin cream and walnut face scrub is going to make you look like a $500,000 person get the fuck out of here it's absolutely trash and I'm voicing my opinion because she wants to disable comments on her videos and the like and dislike buttons that's bullshit that's censorship

      gdog1195gdog119513 днів тому
    • @Isabella Pereira fuck know why should I calm down this bitch makes millions of fucking a dollars off of her look and now she's trying to market products to you on which don't make you look like her but actually fuck your face up and cause problems for you AKA micro tears in the skin you can look it up walnut face scrub is for your feet so no I won't shut up or come down in fact I'm going to voice my opinion because it's not right that she simply selling a skin care line which is actually trash so no I won't

      gdog1195gdog119513 днів тому
    • gdog1195 Calm down, jeeeeez

      Isabella PereiraIsabella Pereira13 днів тому
  • Why is there so much hatred here? What did she do?

    Captain HookCaptain HookМісяць тому
    • Basically surgically improved body made a ton of makeup products and is with the Kardashians so ez money, she's the youngest self made billionaire or something though, so she's gotta be doing something right

      DaddyDelirious-DaddyDelirious-Місяць тому
  • Dumb Ass. Your just handed everything.

    randomizerrandomizerМісяць тому
  • Delete comments all you want, the truth is being told everywhere anyway. How dumb you have to be for make a scrub with nut,'s world wide know how bad it is for the skin and you do so.... You don't care about anything but money

    Reincarnated SinReincarnated SinМісяць тому
    • Fr tho. I just hope all of her annoying fan girls realise that its just a pile of shit

      SaraSaraМісяць тому

    Rocket TRocket TМісяць тому

    Olivia AbrahamianOlivia AbrahamianМісяць тому

    Olivia AbrahamianOlivia AbrahamianМісяць тому

    Olivia AbrahamianOlivia AbrahamianМісяць тому
  • Check out my vlog and tell me what you think of you got the time 😌

    franny licousfranny licousМісяць тому

    Alicia DavidsonAlicia DavidsonМісяць тому
  • Lmaoooo this evil bitch disabled the comments on her skincare videos because it has been proven that walnut scrubs are HORRIBLE for the skin. She know she fucked up

    Nikki MiaNikki MiaМісяць тому
    • And the bitch probably aint gonna change it when she knows damn it's bad for the skin

      SaraSaraМісяць тому
  • that was the most bland thing i’ve ever seen

    emilia ryanemilia ryanМісяць тому
  • Kylie can you make a face mask please please please

    bby rosebby roseМісяць тому
  • Suck my dick Kylie

    Dan WorldDan WorldМісяць тому
  • make a lip balm for you skin line

    kiwikiwiМісяць тому
  • Jenners suck.

    SnobbyLionSnobbyLionМісяць тому
  • Why is her likes and dislikes like that?

    Ayo.KyeMusic MusicAyo.KyeMusic MusicМісяць тому
    • She always blocks her likes and dislikes. So do her sisters because of all the dislikes they receive

      SaraSaraМісяць тому
  • Hey James is only 19 so give him a break and support his b Day is coming up

    Madison The llamaMadison The llamaМісяць тому
  • All the best

    Mahesh KumarMahesh KumarМісяць тому
  • I feel like they only made this video to make this channel relevant. I mean they didn't even try

    ONCEONCEМісяць тому
  • You suck.

    rehab Asilrehab AsilМісяць тому
  • When are you going to post more videos?

    Brittany Lynn TVBrittany Lynn TVМісяць тому
  • Kar

    Fayzeh RashidFayzeh RashidМісяць тому
  • What the fuck

    Amina HabashAmina HabashМісяць тому
  • Susu du bist auch hier??

    Amina HabashAmina HabashМісяць тому
    • Om ich auch

      Fayzeh RashidFayzeh RashidМісяць тому
  • Mis

    Fayzeh RashidFayzeh RashidМісяць тому
  • Ak

    Fayzeh RashidFayzeh RashidМісяць тому
  • Du kak wurst

    Fayzeh RashidFayzeh RashidМісяць тому
Kylie Q&A - Valentine's Rapid Fire Questions