I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • You guys Adam is hot

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  • Choirs:awwwwwww Somthing else: shut the f**k up

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  • Who is Rose who handle jaw surgery I'd like to post question if you don't mind answering. how long were you on the table for? 7 Hrs

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  • 0:09 Are we just going to ignore that? I haven’t seen any comments about it. 😂😂 Mostly because I didn’t scroll down far enough.

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  • I just realized something... My teeth whould freeze it I wanted to drink normal cold water Rip

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  • 12:24 he said like the smash button

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  • U deserve more subs bro

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  • Yeah I know how that can be like....I cant even pay for surgery....

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  • This video was published on my birthday 🎂 🎁

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  • He sounds like markaplier and even looks like him.

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  • Oh man this art style is HEAVILY inspired by JaidenAnimations.... but at least it's still entertaining

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  • 3:36 *sees weenie hut general* ah, man of culture

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  • I thought it was all the rapping xD

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  • 12:24 what like that smash botton

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  • I’m getting a tooth surgery. But it’s technically a excuse to eat milkshakes and ice cream but still it’s sucks

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  • did it hurt when you puke by the way i like turtles and apple sauce and chocolate milk

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  • I loved that bo burnham reference.

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  • Great vivid descriptions kinda.

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  • cold tomato soup? isn't this gazpacho?

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  • same! i had jaw surgery and i couldnt eat for like 1,5 months and for the first days i couldnt even drink well barely....i had swallow problems. anyway my upper jaw was too small and my mom gave me blended food like purree... she blended fish.... it was a nightmare then i also had soup, i never apriciated something so much as my first cup of soup after 1,5 months and i soaked some bread in it it felt like a 5 star meal best part it i have to get another jaw surgery to fix my bottom jaw wich is ALSO too small :D ill have to go through all that AGAIN

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  • This is like one of my favorite videos on UA-vision

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    • I mean it in a positive way

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  • He’s actually really good looking and his voice is amazing ❤️💯

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  • The name is Muk Bang Muk meaning to eat and bang meaning room in korean

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  • but how did you brush? (sorry i really didnt understand)

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  • I have jaw dislocated so i feel you. But doing surgery they really shut my mouth to eat? It sounds scary

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  • The psychology behind it (iirc): mirror neurons. When you see someone else do something, the mirror neurons make you feel somewhat like you're also doing the thing. That means that when you watched other people eat food, your brain was like, "I'm doing that too!" to a mild extent. This is the same mechanism that makes you yawn when you see other people yawn and helps you empathize with others. /information you didn't ask for

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  • You are my crush now *-* Sorry for my english i'm from argentina i'm talk in spanish :'3

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  • Haters Will Be Like: Oh thats stupid quite and i hate adam. But fans will like: i watch this great video

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  • Aw, poor you! 🖕 I had my jaw wired shut for four months and was fed for three weeks through a feeding tube. Shut the fuck up.

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  • I have 100% over bite. But it’s not noticeable neither is it affecting me. The surgeons always say “let’s brake your jaw” and I’m always like NO. I’m just gonna get braces to straighten my teeth and bands to help my over bite. I already have to pay $8000 to get braces and my wisdom teeth out.

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    Nehan KhanNehan Khan10 годин тому
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months