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Behind the scenes of life on Astroworld Tour.
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  • oh my god ur so pretty I wish I met u

    Neda MobashirNeda Mobashir17 годин тому
  • 50% - She didn't get copyright because its her boyfriend's song 25%- how pretty and calm she is! 25%- stormi😍😍

    Dibakar BabuDibakar Babu19 годин тому
  • 2055: Kylie: Travis I'm done with you. Were over. Travis: ok ill just copyright your makeup video Kylie: you wouldn't. Travis: try. me.

    Pastel ParadisePastel ParadiseДень тому
  • She looks really 18-22 yo without makeup (baby face) but with makeup she looks like 26-28 yo.

    Nana PrincessNana Princess2 дні тому
  • Kylie: it's not copyrighted if he's my boyfriend so he can't copyright me. Me: Kylie Jenner facts!!!

    Raven EvansRaven Evans2 дні тому
  • Is it just me or does her lips look swollen

    Woffy AssasinWoffy Assasin2 дні тому
  • Yasssss get it girl love ur videos

    SablethegreatmakeupSablethegreatmakeup3 дні тому
  • You are so beutiful 😍😘

    mafe crmafe cr3 дні тому
  • The music, her voice, lack of vocabulary and the fact her hair is kind of in the way make this very annoying to watch. What an undeserving fame ho

    Char TChar T4 дні тому
  • who else would like to be her daughter

    sonson4 дні тому
  • BTW anyone that likes to hate on Kylie , and say she has no talent I CALL THIS TALENT ! if you disagree whip out YOUR makeup and try this same thing ! and make a vlog , I'd LOVEto see it ! ...She didn't have anyone helping her in this video ... No mom , no make up artist , or any other excuse any hater wants to come up with . Very nice job Kylie 👏👏👏

    Nicole DNicole D4 дні тому
  • I love the Stormi surprise 😄 ..I don't even wear makeup , I have literally worn it once in my life and I turn 40 this year 😁 It's Entertaining watching her put it on though . I love seeing her without , I adore her freckles and natural beauty . Atleast , if ever comes a time that I have to wear makeup again , I'll know how to put it on from all the Kylie tutorials 💕

    Nicole DNicole D4 дні тому
  • Love the floating glitter!

    Tracilyn HidalgoTracilyn Hidalgo5 днів тому
  • She's doing something right. She's a young billionaire

    Tracilyn HidalgoTracilyn Hidalgo5 днів тому
  • She’s only a 27 y/o and she already have a daughter ! Your so YOUNGGGG

    Ashley ASMRAshley ASMR5 днів тому
    • Kanishka Sohaal ❤️🙂

      Ashley ASMRAshley ASMR2 дні тому
    • @Ashley ASMR nobody's fighting with ya sweetie

      Kanishka SohaalKanishka Sohaal3 дні тому
    • Underyourbedeyes sorry 🙂

      Ashley ASMRAshley ASMR3 дні тому
    • Kanishka Sohaal ohhh sorry! I’m not here for fight :)

      Ashley ASMRAshley ASMR3 дні тому
    • She's not 27, she's 21 and hence she's the youngest billionaire in the world.

      Kanishka SohaalKanishka Sohaal3 дні тому
  • love u Kylie, your vids are great. keep being an awesome human being!

    Honey AndersonHoney Anderson5 днів тому
  • I cant stand people who hate on her just cuz she's a young successful woman

    Isaiah RichardsonIsaiah Richardson5 днів тому
  • Would this fit for b-day party too??

    Edera ShresthaEdera Shrestha5 днів тому
  • Im the only one who notice that the camera is shakey?

    Veron TmwsVeron Tmws6 днів тому
    • Yep. You're the only one.

      Kanishka SohaalKanishka Sohaal3 дні тому
  • Love Your Hair Kylie

    Mary Ann KnoxMary Ann Knox6 днів тому
  • So Gorgeous xoxo 💋

    Mary Ann KnoxMary Ann Knox6 днів тому
  • Very Pretty..😬💗💋

    jerry bakerjerry baker7 днів тому
  • So i went today to ULTA beauty n bought kylighter n a lipstick called shook velvet and ever since i put it lips hurts n like if i bit them and not sure why??

    Grecia LopezGrecia Lopez7 днів тому
  • I love her voice...

    herms16herms167 днів тому
  • Like she does her own makeup this is absolutely the funniest crap I have ever watched! 😂😂😂

    selenia carricoselenia carrico8 днів тому
  • gives a whole new definition to pink eye and i’m living for it

    weston monroeweston monroe8 днів тому
  • i want a kylie brow tutorial 🙁

    weston monroeweston monroe8 днів тому
  • What is the background song’s name?

    Shazia IftkharShazia Iftkhar8 днів тому
    • Astroworld (Sicko Mode) by Travis Scott(Kylie's husband)

      Kanishka SohaalKanishka Sohaal3 дні тому
  • Your lips ate getting thin and those brushes are so cheap money hungry Whore. Maybe your daddy/women will want😃😃😃

    Sharon NovakSharon Novak9 днів тому
  • The outfits in the wardrobe! She’s so organised!

    Louise BLouise B9 днів тому
  • Your so beautiful

    XXx_Tentation_xXX 0452XXx_Tentation_xXX 045210 днів тому
  • No one : UA-vision: Copyright Kylie:That’s my man /But that’s all right don’t need your money I make more money then what you make in a year

    Alynna FariasAlynna Farias10 днів тому
  • U look like my mom❤😀👍

    Yussra WaseemYussra Waseem10 днів тому
  • meu Deus que mulher artificial, e estranha de mais... era bem mais bonita sem esse monte de procedimento estetico, se tivesse feito só o nariz estaria perfeita e conivente com a idade!

    Yasmine AraujoYasmine Araujo10 днів тому
  • Lmao I don’t have enough lips to wear two products; a liner and a lipstick 😭💔

    Pamela KhanPamela Khan11 днів тому
  • I love ❤️ her! She’s so cool 😎 calm and collective

    DailyDoseOfMomTvDailyDoseOfMomTv11 днів тому
  • Her face is gone when she is 30

    Nisha MNisha M11 днів тому
  • She looks like Chloe Ferry from Geordie shore in the thumbnail

    Simmy RedSimmy Red11 днів тому
  • I love the way she talks it’s soothing !!

    Vinita JainVinita Jain12 днів тому
  • Its ok to lead a gud life by faking almost pain no gain. Lol...

    Puja ShindePuja Shinde12 днів тому
  • I love u 💖💖💖💖

    GAMING N DIYGAMING N DIY12 днів тому
  • Her voice is so soft and soothing 😌

    ♡ Mochiz ♡♡ Mochiz ♡12 днів тому
  • She's beautiful. Stormi and yes her momma too! 💗

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & LashesJennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes12 днів тому
  • Horrible makeup

    Jaffar Zaidi ZaidiJaffar Zaidi Zaidi12 днів тому
  • People saying like: It’s so cute that she puts music of Travis in there. But I think she’s using his makeup because she doesn’t get copywritten

    Raafje van EijckRaafje van Eijck12 днів тому
  • Girl, i thought OTHER PEOPLE did your makeup 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Raafje van EijckRaafje van Eijck12 днів тому
  • Her s pronunciation sounding like the gay pedo on family guy

    Alyssa ScolaAlyssa Scola12 днів тому
  • 😍

    Der SmithDer Smith13 днів тому

    amelia mamelia m13 днів тому
  • I'm afraid her nails gonna hurt stormi

    Grey insideoutGrey insideout13 днів тому
  • She don’t care bout copyright 😂😂

    The KRAZY GirlsThe KRAZY Girls13 днів тому
  • i think all she owns is everything kylie cosmetics.

    Ally AparicioAlly Aparicio13 днів тому
  • Garbage

    Madina VadacheMadina Vadache13 днів тому
  • You look so great mama

    Lauren KlitschLauren Klitsch13 днів тому
  • i hate it that the music doesnt match what shes doing

    emilyy.finstaa11emilyy.finstaa1113 днів тому
  • AWEEE SHES A UA-visionR 🥺❤️

    katy mirandakaty miranda13 днів тому
  • Stormi is the cutest out of all the babies 😭💓

    Alex ManriquezAlex Manriquez13 днів тому
  • Kylie is so incredibly beautiful

    4 ever4 ever13 днів тому
  • Stormiiiiiiii

    Carla MerelyCarla Merely13 днів тому

    Feed Your HeadFeed Your Head13 днів тому
  • I could watch this bitch all day 😍

    Nana Esi O. NyarkohNana Esi O. Nyarkoh13 днів тому
  • this was the fastest into ever wow- take notes for yall gurus

    Maya MillerMaya Miller13 днів тому
  • Bitch she is promoting her hubby ofc she will use this song XD

    f dufff duff14 днів тому
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Sutilnaanak TalagangsutilSutilnaanak Talagangsutil14 днів тому
  • Omg the two best people Travis Scott who’s sings Sicko Mode and Kylie Jenner!! Cute couple

    Unicorn CandyUnicorn Candy14 днів тому
  • Who else think Kylie should get a video of Stormi reacting to her dads songs?

    Raquelle HeckRaquelle Heck14 днів тому
  • I like the pink inner eye

    Chrissy Got The CoilsChrissy Got The Coils14 днів тому
  • good song choice

    Omar TribisOmar Tribis14 днів тому

    Gaby & ÍcaroGaby & Ícaro14 днів тому
  • Even if it was copyright, i think just about anyone would be happy that she listens to their music

    Lovely_Jordan06 WilsonLovely_Jordan06 Wilson14 днів тому
  • I love you so much.

    Sophie louSophie lou14 днів тому
  • love a supportive gf w the travis music

    mackenzie leighmackenzie leigh14 днів тому
  • In the love with her eye’s color ❤️😍

    lenaaa Rolenaaa Ro14 днів тому
  • Is it just me or is her top lip uneven?? I can’t stop looking at it. The right side looks like it dips lower then the left side. Needs more filler.

    Dezirae ValentinaDezirae Valentina14 днів тому
  • Kylie : the highlighter is really intense Highlighter : barely shows ... ... ...

    anchi 2233anchi 223314 днів тому

    Maia DominguezMaia Dominguez14 днів тому
  • Omg! She fucked up her lips :/

    Goya GarciaGoya Garcia14 днів тому
  • Ugh ur too prettyy

    Medha KhuranaMedha Khurana14 днів тому
  • Pls do more make up tutorial!!! 💕💕💕

    abc wxyzabc wxyz15 днів тому
  • when you watch kylie’s tour videos as an excuse to listen to Sicko Mode without being judged for it

    Scarlet QuiñonezScarlet Quiñonez15 днів тому
  • Is it just me or is her voice so calming

    Romina ValdezRomina Valdez15 днів тому
  • When she knows she won’t get copyrighted because it’s her mans song

    LifeofJitterbugLifeofJitterbug15 днів тому
  • What foundation does Kylie use?

    The girl with no nameThe girl with no name15 днів тому
  • I'm just saying, people roasted her about the color inner corner and now everybody and their momma is doing it.

    The Struggles of a HomebodyThe Struggles of a Homebody15 днів тому
  • 8:14 geez that must get annoyoing 😒

    XoXoLexizXoXoLexiz15 днів тому
  • her smile got so big when she heard stormi in the background 😍

    Camille CarmoucheCamille Carmouche15 днів тому
  • I LOVE THIS SONG ITS SO FIREEEEE 🔥 Like if you were singing along 🤣 I was

    The best friends do stuff VideosThe best friends do stuff Videos15 днів тому
  • she's literally better than any other youtuber and she isn't even considered a 'youtuber'

    jackie millerjackie miller15 днів тому
  • She should do a tutorial of “how to stay rich off your mommy and daddy’s money” can this whole family just fuck off already?! Lawl

    LynnLynn15 днів тому
  • Unpopular opinion I actually like the Kardashian’s / Jenner’s and Kylie’s a great mom 😭🥰💕

    Htx SkyyyHtx Skyyy15 днів тому
    • Htx Skyyy same tho

      Julia BlaszczykJulia Blaszczyk13 днів тому
    • Same Im addicted to the show..hey fellow brownie

      Jung shookethJung shooketh13 днів тому
  • I’m here after Benito skinner 😂 storrrmiiiiiii

    Pucci PuuPucci Puu15 днів тому
  • Ok

    oni -joni -j15 днів тому
  • РЕБЯТ КТО ОТ НАСТИ ДЖЕКСОН?? (ps глаз после румян не болит?)❤️

    Просто ЁжикПросто Ёжик15 днів тому
  • Girl your vocabulary isss.......... Truly something

    Pixie DustPixie Dust15 днів тому
  • Love you kylie ❤️😍🦋

    Anoud AlharbiAnoud Alharbi16 днів тому
  • Your my idol

    Antonilla EleshaaAntonilla Eleshaa16 днів тому
  • Ditch the shadow on the inside of the eyes.. It looked much better before you added the pink.

    Out Of TimeOut Of Time16 днів тому
  • I dont like her makeup

    umair saeed herashi unairumair saeed herashi unair16 днів тому
  • Hermosa

    Vivi ArevaloVivi Arevalo16 днів тому
  • When copyright doesn’t matter

    the cup RM throws in the Run MVthe cup RM throws in the Run MV16 днів тому